The Penned Review

Originally this blog started as a writing exercise but soon PennedChronicle found that she liked sharing her opinion about the current books she was reading. After taking some time away from her university she dedicated more time to bring this blog to life. Joined by other passionate readers and bloggers the story continues.

This is the Penned Review.

The Penned Bloggers

United through their love of literature and honest opinion, here are the various bloggers on our team.

PennedChronicle – I’ve writing for most of my life and I love reading, blogging my book reviews just came natural. A perfect day for me would be in the dead of winter, looking out my window with a book open on my lap and a good cup of joe in hand. You can find more of me @ coffeeandthebee.wordpress.com

Aidan Knightly –  Fantasy, Adventure, Girl Power? Yeah you got me there. I’m a full-time artist and writer. I recently started blogging my book reviews after meeting the crew from the Penned Review. I’m not shy so stop on by @aidanknightly.worpress.com


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